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We understand the importance of the business and customer information you store with us. Dedicated to
safeguarding your privacy, protecting your customer data, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Success is built on trust

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Our team is dedicated to your protection

At ValuTrac Software, we fully understand the importance of the business and customer information you store with us and the processes we manage for you. We are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and the privacy of your customer data, and playing our part in supporting your compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The many security measures we employ reflect our total commitment to your protection.

We have a dedicated security team, who works to make sure that all our security measures adhere to industry (sometimes even higher) standards and that security is embedded in all processes within the our environment. As our infrastructure grows and evolves, this team is charged with meeting and exceeding your security demands and safeguarding the privacy of your business and customers.


All information handled is considered private and subjected to our security measures.

  • Communication between all users and ValuTrac servers is encrypted.
  • Storage Encryption is enabled.
  • Our ValuTrac environment is tested for security vulnerabilities on a regular basis to ensure we meet industry standards.


Since ValuTrac is used in a variety of industries, our platform and operations must comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards, including as applicable:

  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB)
  • Dodd-Frank Act
  • Appraiser Independence Requirements
  • PCI DSS Compliance

Hosted Service

The ValuTrac platform and applications are provided in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). ValuTrac delivers, complete web-hosted solutions for managing and maximizing the value of all your interactions with your users. We do the heavy lifting – installation, customizing, maintaining and securing the infrastructure – so you can concentrate on making every type of engagement with your ValuTrac users more profitable. All of this takes place seamlessly, on our network, requiring minimum up-front investment but immediately providing benefits for your business.

Key Advantages of SaaS

SaaS is an elegant and natural way to intelligently engage your ValuTrac users. In addition to adding value and minimizing costs across a full range of interactions with users, a ValuTrac Saas software solution delivers many advantages to your business operations:

  • Lower cost of entry and total cost of ownership – no need to buy hardware, software, facilities to house them and people to manage it all
  • Shortern implementation time frames
  • Enjoy 24/7 uptime without around-the-clock staffing
  • Scale your operations painlessly
  • Easily integrate applications that extend platform capabilities
  • Take advantage of customizations immediately
  • Ensure your data is protected and backed up, and all aspects of security meet the highest standards

Data Centers

Best of breed facilities provide highest availability

The ValuTrac infrastructure resides in an advanced, best-of-breed data center facility. ValuTrac selected these vendors for their proven leadership in hosting services for high-capacity businesses and for their adherence to industry (or better) standards of quality, reliability and security. Their commitment to excellence enables ValuTrac to deliver 24-hour service, 365 days a year.

Co-Location Ensure Continuous Service

By storing the ValuTrac application in multiple data center locations in the United States at all times, ValuTrac ensures continuous service in the event of power disruptions or natural disasters in any particular region.

Physical and Environmental Security

ValuTrac’s data centers utilize a comprehensive array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to help prevent unauthorized access to our facilities. ValuTrac’s servers are located in private, restricted cages secured by access control systems.

To protect the integrity of our systems, most of the security controls within our data centers are confidential. Some of the more visible measures in our data centers include:

  • Security officers onsite 24/7
  • Security badge access
  • Digital security video surveillance
  • Private, restricted cage access

Built to Withstand Natural Disasters

All ValuTrac data centers are designed to withstand natural disasters including fires, floods and earthquakes. In addition, power is delivered to our data centers via distributed redundant UPS systems, backup batteries and independent diesel generators – to minimize the potential for power outages to cause service interruptions.

Disaster Recovery

We understand you need access to your application

ValuTrac understands how important it is to have access to your critical applications and data at all times. We are proud of our record of continual up-time and committed to ensuring that you are protected from potential interruptions of service. This commitment is backed by our heavy investment in secure, redundant facilities and in comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Maintaining Business As Usual

Should a complete failure of one of our primary data centers ever occur, ValuTrac is fully prepared to continue serving your business from an alternate Disaster Recovery (DR) site. We designed our disaster recovery systems to be transparent to our clients, so that you would not have to take any action or make any changes to continue operating your ValuTrac solution in “business as usual” mode.

We test failure scenarios and DR site activation regularly in accordance with ValuTrac’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Backups Ensure High Availability

ValuTrac maintains standby servers and backups of your data in a separate location. All data is backed up on a regular basis, using encrypted channels (VPN) connecting target and backup systems. All the hardware elements and software configurations are based on industry (or better) security measures and have redundancies built into the process.

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