Automate your

AppraisalRelay seamlessly submits appraisals to the UCDP & EAD portals.

Instantly receive submission results, files routed based on risk scores, warnings, and hard stops.

Automated UCDP & EAD submission process.

Our seamless direct integration to the UCDP and EAD portals allows you to submit appraisals without the manually-driven tasks.
Instantly view submission results and scores. Appraisals are routed for review based on risk score.

UCDP & EAD Delivery

Direct submission in each order to the UCDP & EAD portals

Receive SSR Reports

Instantly receive SSR reports within the order.

CU Risk Score

Displayed in every order and files routed for review.

Instant Alerts

Immediate warning and hardstop notifications.

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