Automate and optimize your process
ValuTrac is an intuitive way to manage your appraisals and vendors. Eliminate excess work by bringing your team and tools together. No more spreadsheets, emails or phone calls.
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One platform to manage and track all your orders

What is ValuTrac? ValuTrac is an easy to use appraisal and vendor management platform, which helps you
gain control, optimize productivity, and improve service for your entire business.
Unlimited possibilities, manage your entire pipeline of orders.
residential -- commercial -- agricultural -- equipment -- environmental
appraisals -- evaluations -- reviews -- reports

Quickly view every order, displayed in real-time on a single dashboard.

One Repository

Easily manage every order
in one platform.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay on top of your orders. Real-time status of every order.

Instant Communication

Instantly communicate with your team and vendors.

Appraiser Verification

Verification of appraisers from ASC and HUD.

Appraiser Ratings

Rate and track appraiser report quality and service levels.

E-Doc Delivery

Securely deliver completed appraisals to your borrowers.

Secure Payments

Easy pay, send borrowers a secure payment link.


Custom development, built for your specific business needs.

Get more done in less time - powering your  organization to outperform.  

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