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We hold one goal above the others: 100% customer satisfaction. We understand you have choices, therefore we do not take any customer for granted.  Through teamwork and communication, combined with a dedicated group of developers and business professionals, ValuTrac Software delivers unmatched results.

Appraisal Management Company

"If you are looking for a partner, ValuTrac Software is your answer."

"We partnered with ValuTrac Software in 2009 to provide a custom appraisal ordering platform that would allow us to be compliant with industry regulations and at the same time deliver our clients top notch service.

Although the platform is extremely impressive, I must admit the level of service ValuTrac Software has provided far exceeds any vendor I have ever worked with. If you are looking for a software vendor, there are many out there to choose from. However, if you are looking for a partner, ValuTrac Software is your answer."

Betty Graham
Asset Servicer

"Working with ValuTrac is more of a partnership."

"I have clients in the Appraisal, Broker Services, Asset Management and Preservation space. These clients have constantly changing rules and requirements that must be addressed immediately to ensure operational success. Working with ValuTrac has made this possible because of their approach in learning my business, being responsive, dedicated to providing superior quality and service as well as having a software application that more than meets our company needs, along with our client’s needs.

Working with ValuTrac has been more of a “partnership”. They have a hands on personalized approach to meeting my company’s needs. For us this difference alone enables us to stay competitive and keep our clients happy."

Angela LaRoche
Chief Operating Officer

"The customer support always exceeds expectations."

"We have benefited from our association with ValuTrac since 2012. As a community bank ValuTrac was selected due to its friendly interface with both users and appraisers and its capability to efficiently manage both commercial and residential valuation assignments. ValuTrac’s flexibility and scalability has accommodated our growth to include providing services to peer banks and most recently, as a result of a merger, to efficiently serving a regional bank with over 120 branches.

The availability, responsiveness and resourcefulness of the ValuTrac team was critical in supporting our growth trajectory. In our six plus years of using ValuTrac we have not experienced one material service interruption and the customer support always exceeds expectations."

Steve Snyder
VP, Appraisal Department

"The platform is exceptionally solid. It just “works” day in and day out."

ValuTrac is simply about enhancing communications.  We implemented the system in 2013 with immediate positive results in regards to email reduction, document sharing, lender communications and appraisal communications.  In 2016 we merged with a larger bank and implemented ValuTrac within their bank with the same positive results in only a matter of days. 

ValuTrac’s service has always been exceptional with immediate responses. User training is extremely minimal with both lenders and appraisers – most only need a user name and password to get started.  We don’t use formal training since the system is so easy to navigate.   I have to admit we do not need much help from ValuTrac support since the platform is exceptionally solid. It just “works” day in and day out. 

Overall, our appraisal ordering and reviewing is only apart of the ValuTrac system – the biggest benefit is the seamless interaction with data and people.  I can’t imagine working without it. 

Scott Woods
Vice President
Appraisal Management Company

"ValuTrac Software is the best platform I've seen start to finish."

"I have been working with ValuTrac Software since July, 2010. I cannot say enough good things about them. The website that has been designed for appraisal ordering is exemplary. It was a well thought out system that automatically does many things making the process as easy as possible while remaining compliant.

I have many customers that I’ve introduced to the site. They have all been very happy with the system. It is easy to understand and very user friendly for the participants placing the orders, the appraisers, and the administrators. The service of the staff is excellent. John Sisson, SVP National Sales has been absolutely wonderful. He has been there to help with any and all changes I may have and the turnaround time on change requests is very fast."

Diana Sullivan

"Most user friendly appraisal management software I have ever used."

"The ValuTrac platform is the most user-friendly format I have used for AMC work. Automated messages and updates, along with being able to access it easily while out in the field has helped to increase my personal productivity. I would definitely recommend it to those wishing to increase overall efficiency in their appraisal process."

Certified Residential Appraiser

" I absolutely love using ValuTrac."

"I absolutely love using ValuTrac. It is simple and keeps everyone informed. It actually has made me more productive by increasing my efficiency."

Certified Residential Appraiser

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