Instantly review

Snapshot automated appraisal review, improves report quality and turn times.

Quickly review appraisals with a significant reduction in review times and appraisal report errors.

Improves report quality and turn times.

During the automated review process, appraisals are checked for consistency and accuracy based on our predefined rule set.
Appraisal information is compared to the order and flagged for inconsistencies, displaying the appraised value with an
embedded AVM from HouseCanary with a confidence score. Instant appraiser verification from the ASC and HUD roster.
Easily mark items for correction and immediately send to the appraiser for resolution.

Automated Reviews

Automatically run upon appraiser upload.

Data Verification

Verifies data on the appraisal vs. the order details data.

Analysis & Audits

Predefined rules to analyze and audit the appraisal report.

Instant Alerts

Instant review, warnings or hard stop alerts for appraisal issues.

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