ValuTrac Software Launches ValuTracOne Appraiser Portal and Mobile App

November 16, 2017

New technology allows appraisers to gain efficiencies, increase productivity and raise service levels.

ValuTrac Software, provider of the industry’s most configurable appraisal management software for both residential and commercial valuations, has announced the launch of ValuTracOne appraiser portal and mobile application. ValuTracOne is a single access point that connects appraisers to all of their appraisal management company (AMC) and lender clients who are supported by ValuTrac Software’s primary products, ValuTrac Pro and ValuTrac Pro Plus.

ValuTracOne enables appraisers to manage their entire pipeline of appraisal orders seamlessly, in one location with one login. Appraisers can use ValuTracOne to securely receive assignments, set inspection dates, transfer documents, send client messages, as well as view real-time status of their entire appraisal pipeline from all of their clients supported by ValuTrac Software.

ValuTracOne, syncs automatically with the ValuTracOne mobile application, which is free and available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. ValuTracOne was developed as part of ValuTrac Software’s increased focus on the specific needs of appraisers. The company consulted with numerous appraisers in developing ValuTracOne, which has been credited for significantly improving the day-to-day management of appraisal assignments by the technology’s appraiser beta testers.

“Appraisers are often the forgotten piece when it comes to technology and appraisal management applications, and we’re doing something to change that,” said Clint Cornett, CEO of ValuTrac Software. “Productivity and service levels are two key factors that determine whether appraisers receive assignments from their clients. The issue is, achieving optimal levels of either—let alone both—has traditionally been very challenging. ValuTracOne solves this issue by giving appraisers an effortless way to raise their productivity and service levels.”  

The ValuTracOne mobile application improves appraisers’ processes when they’re out in the field inspecting properties, which is frequent. ValuTracOne uses push notifications to alert appraisers instantly whenever they have new assignments or client messages. Appraisers can use the mobile application to quickly accept assignments and provide responses to client messages. 

“Time is a huge component of appraisal services. Right now, a lot of news stories are saying that appraisal turnaround times are increasing,” said Cornett. “We are confident that ValuTracOne helps appraisers increase their service levels, which in turn reduces turn times. That is a win-win for the appraiser, their clients and the consumer. We will continue listening to and supporting appraisers. At ValuTrac Software, our goal has always been to improve the appraisal process start to finish.”

About ValuTrac Software, Inc.

Since 2009, ValuTrac Software has been a trusted provider of real estate valuation management technology to the real estate lending industry. ValuTrac products provide the tools for businesses to simplify and streamline their business operations. ValuTrac offers a real-world approach and execution of tried and proved methods that cement customer relationships while improving business productivity. ValuTrac products deliver real added business value to any organization. Using our proven methodology and experience, our team guides customers through the best practices to ensure every project is flawlessly executed and is aligned with their business goals and objectives. ValuTrac’s product stack includes, ValuTrac Pro, ValuTrac Pro Plus, Appraisal Relay, Snapshot Appraisal Review, EmpowerBA, and ValuTracOne. 

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